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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does my NDIS Plan cover?

The NDIS funds reasonable and necessary supports and equipment that a person with disability needs. The funding should support you to:

  • pursue your goals and aspirations
  • increase your independence
  • increase your social and economic participation and
  • develop your capacity to take part in the community

Your NDIS plan will be individual and specific to you and your life. We can’t tell you exactly what is fundable for your NDIS plan without speaking with you and looking at your funding, but we can let you know what the most popular funded supports are.

Here are some types of supports that your NDIS plan may include:

  • Help with daily personal activities – this is usually work done by support workers to help you with your day-to-day life.
  • Therapeutic supports, including behaviour supports. That might include speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and more!
  • Help to allow you to successfully get or keep employment.
  • Help with household tasks to allow you to maintain your home environment.
  • Equipment assessment, set up and training.
What is not covered by my NDIS Plan?

NDIS funding doesn’t cover general everyday living expenses that people without a disability would be required to pay for. Some examples of this are rent, bills, groceries, your mobile phone or movie tickets.

What is support coordination?

Support Coordination is a service fully funded by the NDIS, designed to help participants navigate their funding, find providers, and continually improve their functional capacity.

Support Coordinators are here to help you find services, figure out what you could spend your funding on, and make sure your services are actually benefitting you. We’re hear to talk about any questions you have about your supports, and to make sure you feel confident in what funding you’re spending and what funding you’ll require in the future.

What is psychosocial support coordination?

Our Support Coordinators all specialise in psychosocial disabilities, meaning they all have qualifications and experience working in mental health. We have unique knowledge of mental health services and supports, and therefore can specialise in support coordination for people with psychosocial disabilities. In practice, this isn’t a different service to general support coordination, it’s simply a speciality we can offer.

What is psychosocial recovery coaching?

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is a unique service under the NDIS that is different to Support Coordination. If you are funded for a recovery coach, rather than a support coordinator, this will be stated in your plan.

The key difference between these services is the focus on recovery. Recovery Coaches have a focus on working with you achieve recovery goals and develop strategies keep living your life to the fullest while coping with mental health complexities.

As our staff at Morris Fox already have backgrounds in mental health services, we’re able to offer both services to people with psychosocial disabilities depending on their funding and needs.

What is a planning meeting/review?

At the beginning of your NDIS journey you will have a meeting with an NDIA representative to talk about what supports you need. This is called a planning meeting.

At the end of each NDIS plan, you will be contacted by the NDIA to see if you will need different funding in your next plan. This might just be a phone call check in, but if big changes are needed then you may have a plan review to make the required changes to your funding.

What is the difference between the NDIA & NDIS?

NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and refers to the entire system that provides funding to people with disabilities.

NDIA stands for National Disability Insurance Agency, and refers to the section of the government that has the ability to approve funding and determine ultimately what can and can’t be funded under the scheme.

Essentially, the NDIS is the system at the NDIA is the people running it.

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We understand that in some instances you may feel uncomfortable providing us feedback directly and would like to take your complaint to an independent party. We encourage you to exercise your right to seek independent advice or support. If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s wellbeing and wish to seek please find a list of resources here. 

Disability services commissioner
Telephone: 1800 677 342 
Telephone: 1300 666 444 
Telephone: 1800 806 314 
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Telephone: 1300 362 072 
Promotes the safety and wellbeing of Victorian children and young people. 
Telephone: (03) 8601 5281 

Telephone: 1800 551 800

Telephone: 1800 301 130 

Telephone: 1800 242 636 


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I have been with Morris Fox since I first received an NDIS package. My support coordinator, Donna Oliver, is brilliant and I feel extremely lucky to have such a highly skilled, capable and compassionate person to manage my support needs. She has built a strong network of support resources and has been able to find me good quality support workers for all my needs, sometimes at short notice. I highly recommend Donna and Morris Fox.

Andi, NDIS Participant

From the moment we began working with Morris Fox, it became evident that their team possesses an exceptional level of expertise and understanding in the realm of support coordination. Their profound knowledge of the NDIS framework and regulations has consistently ensured that the people we support receive the best possible care and assistance tailored to their individual needs. Morris Fox has a unique ability to navigate complex situations, providing effective solutions and advocacy that truly make a difference in the lives of the participants. Their dedication to empowering individuals, promoting their independence, and ensuring their voices are heard is truly commendable. The compassion and empathy demonstrated by the Morris Fox team create an environment of trust and reassurance, both for us as service providers and, more importantly, for the participants under our care. Morris Fox is exceptionally responsive and proactive. Their team is always readily available to address our queries, provide guidance, and offer timely support. This level of responsiveness has not only streamlined our collaborative efforts but also enhanced the overall quality of care we provide to our participants.

Jeremy Vale, Graman Support